• Technical Article

    Word Length vs. Performance

    Check out how different word lengths (32-bit, 64-bit, etc...) can affect the performance and operation of a processor.
  • Upcoming Projects

    Software & Hardware

    I'm currently working on some on-going software and hardware projects, keep checking back to see the latest updates!
  • A Robot With Attitude

    Biopsy Bot

    A robot capable of remotely gathering biological samples from unknown areas.

  • Photography as a Hobby


    See some of my photography on Flickr. I'm still working on sorting & uploading my images, so there will be lots to come in the future!


Welcome to the personal homepage of Brandon Castellano

Here, you’ll find my blog, technical articles/tutorials, and various projects I have worked on (not to mention ongoing projects). I have a formal education in Electrical Engineering, but also think of myself as a hacker – I like to figure out how things work, how to make them work better, or to better understand why they function as they do.

While lot of the content on this website is geared towards people with a science/engineering background, so long as you share some common interests as I do (programming, software/hardware design, building cool stuff), and are a curious, like-minded individual, you will find something interesting here.

Thanks for visiting!

Just a head’s up, parts of this site are still under construction, so don’t be worried if some things don’t work yet.

However, if you do find a problem with the website, or anything else you think should be brought to my attention – contact me!


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Project Updates

Hardware & Software

Here are the most recent updates I've made to some of my projects, or other projects I'm involved with.

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